Voluntary Disclosure Agreements


Now that you've discovered you have nexus in some states, you want to register but you need advice to lessen the financial blow. 

Our Solution

First, let us determine if you need to register in any states. Then, through a voluntary disclosure agreement (VDA) on your behalf, we will work to negotiate lower taxes, penalties, and interest.

Don't miss out on the benefits of a VDA: 

  • Your company remains anonymous with the state during the process, giving you the flexibility to reject the state’s offer.
  • We will work to get your penalties reduced and shortening the period of time the state will look back for unpaid taxes. Part of our negotiation process also includes establishing a payment plan that works best for your company.
  • If a state sends you a nexus questionnaire, your ability to negotiate a VDA is lost. Let us determine if you have a nexus problem and negotiate an agreement with the state.

A voluntary disclosure agreement puts you in control of your sales tax nexus solutions. 

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"If you think you may have undisclosed nexus, let us determine is a VDA will save you save you money."

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