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Sales tax nexus has a new face. Physical presence still establishes nexus. Now, however, economic nexus is enforced by many states. You know the scope of nexus-creating activities has expanded.  But you're not sure how to determine if you have exposure.

Our Solution

Nexus is impacting more companies of all sizes. It's a sneaky devil that can be created in many surprising ways. 

We work with you and various different departments throughout your company to analyze all your business activities to determine if your level of activity in a given state is enough to create nexus. If we determine you have nexus, then we quantify your exposure, and make a game plan to move forward to minimize the financial impact on your company. 

Often Voluntary Disclosure is the recommended course of action. Most of the time, taxes and penalties can be negotiated and, if necessary, a payment plan can be established.

The first step is recognizing where you stand now. The next step is being proactive as tax laws change and your business continues to grow. We’re here for you every step of the way.

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