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The 2015 IPT Annual Symposium was Awesome!


I attended the IPT annual symposium at the end of September in Indian Wells, CA. The conference was held at the beautiful Renaissance Indian Wells Resort & Spa where rolling mountains and pristine golf courses were the backdrop. 

We started the conference on a lighter note learning about “Laughing Leaders” and how body language speaks volumes about how we are perceived as leaders among co-workers, clients and prospects.

Next we discussed specific updates going on in the tax world and what has happened over the last year. Several people discussed sales and use tax updates in their states. We also heard from current and former state employees to see how their states are approaching certain tax issues. These conversations gave me a better understanding of how or why certain laws are put into place.

Since we were in California someone from the state shared their surprise that more companies are not taking advantage of California’s manufacturing exemption. We also heard from the state of Washington and how they are being extremely aggressive with nexus issues, so even if you don’t have a physical presence in Washington be careful when doing business in that state as it does not take much to have nexus there.

The topics discussed in the breakout sessions included:
• how to manage exemption certificates, including manual vs software processes
• the importance of being involved in the sampling methodology used by the auditor
• refund claims and the importance of having someone review your AP transactions, especially since many reviews are done on contingency
• technology and cloud computing in the tax field

Overall the conference was full of good sales and use tax updates as well as excellent explanations about the revolving world of sales tax regulations. I can’t wait to share the news with my clients.

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Crystal Wood, CMI
Written by Crystal Wood, CMI
Crystal is the Tax Manager at Windward Tax. She oversees a variety of sales and use tax projects such as overpayment reviews, process reviews and training seminars. Crystal's clients include large multi-national corporations as well as a variety of manufacturers.

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