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A Manufacturer Shares the Keys to Good Sales and Use Tax Training


Chiquita Edwards, Senior Manager--Tax at OFS, is confident that sales and use tax training has a direct effect on her company’s financial performance. She believes that the customized training seminars purchased from Cherry Bekaert have a positive impact on the gross margin line and the cash flow of OFS, a manufacturer of optical fiber, optical fiber cable, connectivity, FITX and specialty photonics solutions.

Why Train Your Staff?

Regular sales and use tax training from Cherry Bekaert, according to Chiquita, is the best way to take advantage of exemptions that save your company money and ultimately make your business more profitable.

“Sales and use tax training means fewer missed tax savings opportunities and a significant reduction in our sales and use tax overpayments,” Chiquita explains.

“Annual sales and use tax training is a great refresher course for OFS staff. It keeps sales and use tax issues top of mind and reminds people how important it is to stay compliant with the tax laws.”

Chiquita recommends Cherry Bekaert’s sales tax training for manufacturers because they are better organized and more focused on the company’s unique operations and tax activities than other trainings available.

Who Benefits from Training?

At OFS, buyers from various departments such as purchasing and engineering, accounts payable clerks and members of the financial management team participate in sales and use tax training.

“OFS purchasing and accounts payable staff have a lot on their plates. Sales tax training helps these key players not only to be reminded of the importance of sales and use tax compliance but also provides them with tools and resources, such as the training manual, OFS-specific taxability matrixes and ongoing access to Cherry Bekaert sales tax consultants to more efficiently minimize our sales tax issues.”

“Cherry Bekaert sales tax trainers have a more in-depth knowledge of our operations, especially after completing an overpayment review because they are able to discuss their findings and help the staff to learn from actual OFS examples discovered during the review. They also are professional sales tax consultants who share their sales and use tax expertise as well as their manufacturing industry experience.”

Learn more about Sales and Use Tax Training from Cherry Bekaert here.

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Lauren Stinson, CMI
Written by Lauren Stinson, CMI
As a Principal with Cherry Bekaert, Lauren serves as the National Leader for the Sales & Use Tax practice within the Firm’s State & Local Tax group. Based in Cherry Bekaert’s Atlanta practice, Lauren is an expert on sales and use tax issues that directly impact manufacturers, technology businesses and eCommerce sellers on the state and national levels.

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