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With the increased growth of eCommerce, sales tax and income tax are becoming a complicated and time-consuming burden on companies. Gone are the days when a retailer only needed to file one sales tax return and one income tax return. Now business activities cross state lines, create nexus, and create multi-state obligations. And state laws, specifically targeting eCommerce businesses, are changing faster than most companies can keep up.

Why is this so complicated? Every state is different and has different tax laws and regulations to meet its revenue needs, which has made complying complicated. But, it doesn’t have to be. Cherry Bekaert is here to make tax compliance simple and streamlined. Our goal is to let you focus on growing your business!

Click the cart for our price list or to ask questions: Our team has worked with hundreds of eCommerce sellers over the past several years. We understand the uniqueness of the industry, the pain points, and the best solutions to help companies get in compliance. And we do this while keeping quality high and costs low. We have become the go-to resource for leading sales tax software companies and have clearly established ourselves as thought leaders for this industry.

Get Your Nexus Charts Now!  Find out which states have Economic Nexus  and/or Marketplace Facilitator Requirements.        We’ve assembled our team of sales tax experts, income tax experts, and international tax advisors to take the headache out of taxes and let you focus on growing your business. Let's start a conversation!

Tiffany Rodi
Senior Client Service Specialist

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