Sales & Use Tax COMPASS Complete Assessment


You need help figuring out what you don’t know and how to put processes in place to better manage your sales & use tax compliance.

Our Solution

We will conduct a COMPASS Complete Assessment of your sales & use tax procedures. We find the areas where sales & use tax is not addressed correctly. We recommend solutions. Then we conduct a practical, company-specific hands-on training session, giving employees the tools to keep your sales & use tax processes running at peak efficiency.

Complete Assessment: Our assessment includes analysis of your purchases to make sure you are taking advantage of all sales tax exemptions available, while not underpaying on taxable purchases. We also determine if you are accruing use tax correctly.  

We review the sales side of your business, to identify if the correct tax rates are being charged to customers for taxable purchases. We examine exemption certificates. Are they valid? Missing? We let you know if you have any nexus issues -- are you registered and collecting sales tax in all the required states?

Report of Findings: After reviewing all your processes that impact sales & use taxes, we provide a Report of Findings that explains the results of our assessment. What are you doing right?  Where is the company at risk?  The report focuses on recommending solutions to improve your processes moving forward. 

Sales Tax Training: Most importantly, based on the assessment findings and your company's operations, we conduct a hands-on, interactive training with employees. We teach key staff members to integrate sales tax best practices into daily responsibilities to more easily stay in compliance and minimize tax exposure.  

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