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sales tax nexus charts 

These charts provide the most updated information by state for economic nexus and marketplace facilitator requirements. Quickly see the thresholds and effective dates.  


Why Choose Us?

Save Money

We help you stop overpaying sales and use tax, and we reduce your risk of assessment under audit. The goal of all our services is simple  -- make sure you don't overpay or underpay sales taxes. Do it right the first time. 

Save Time

We get your sales and use tax procedures running smoothly so you have more time to tackle other value-added projects.

Get Results

Our services are customized to fit your budget and goals, while achieving the results that you need. We offer traditional sales and use tax services...with a twist. We are never shy about thinking outside the box to help make sales tax compliance easier for you.

Work with Experts

Our team has more than 100 years of experience in the sales and use tax field. You'll work with manufacturing gurus, former state auditors, certified sales tax geeks and a whole crew of really smart sales and use tax experts.  

WHAT our Clients SAY

“Working with Cherry Bekaert has been a very positive experience.  They helped with training our team members so that future tax payments were paid at the correct rates.”

Financial Director, National Poultry Processor

Cherry Bekaert had a full understanding of the  state registration process from the perspective of a small-mid sized ecommerce seller. They continue to stay on top of the rapidly evolving state sales tax landscape and that's why we keep returning to them to help us."

General Manager, eCommerce Retailer

“Cherry Bekaert is a group of sales tax professionals who share their sales and use tax expertise as well as their manufacturing industry experience.”

Senior Tax Manager, International Fiber Cable Manufacturer

“When the state of Michigan gave us their 8-year use tax audit results, we could tell it was out of bounds with a six-figure amount due.  By the end of that same year, Cherry Bekaert had turned a six-figure audit assessment into a six-figure refund.”  

Director of Finance, Automotive Parts Manufacturer

"Cherry Bekaert represented our organization with the related taxing authority in a manner that was consistent with our company values.  We appreciate the firm for their continued partnership with our organization.”

Accounting Manager, Snack Food Manufacturer

“Cherry Bekaert has been a trusted sales tax advisor for several years.  Lauren and her team are dedicated, engaged, professional, organized, responsive and astute with regards to all sales tax matters."

Senior Manager, Sales and Use Tax, Aggregates and Building Material Manufacturer


knowledge center

We love sharing insights, tips and advice about sales and use tax processes and timely issues.  Our helpful resources include webinars, short videos, papers, checklists and more.  We also invite you to subscribe to our monthly newsletter.  

Take a look at what's available from our Knowledge Center. 


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